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Featured Author

Featured Author

By: Brooklyn ~ I could hardly wait to put on my bathing suit and get outside. We had just arrived in Vegas and the day was hot and sunny, perfect for a day of swimming by the pool…
Featured Entrepreneur

Featured Entrepreneur

By: Sahara Roset ~ The CCC aka Creature Care Club is my main focus everyday. People leaving their pets home each day, while the’re at work made me sad for the animals….
Featured Business Idea

Featured Business Idea

By: Aashir Talukder ~ Hello all you other fellow entrepreneurs. Today, I will talk about a business that I’ve been thinking about for a really long time…

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Become a YEG KIDS NEWS Featured Entrepreneur

Thanks to all of our sponsors, the YEG KIDS NEWS magazine has become a complete success!  It’s because of your support we are able to continuously grow and innovate this platform for our children.  Not only are you advertising to all of our readers, you are setting a great example for our future superstars!  Supporting local business is a crucial part of the entrepreneurship culture and the YEG KIDS NEWS magazine is proud to represent and promote our local business owners/sponsors! Together we are shaping the future of our children, which directly shapes the future of Canada!  We look forward to promoting your amazing business on our next issue.

What YEG Kids News Does:

Giving Back to our Community

YEG Kids News is always looking to help give back to the community.

Voicing our Children

Content is provided by inspired youngsters to further their reach and bridge our understanding of their views of our world.

Multiple Media Platforms

Expression through art, the written word and other media to facilitate the best possible communications platform.

Connecting Business with Kids

Expressing the creativity, innovation and innocence of kids to  connect their ideas as future entrepreneurs to the business community.